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SA Battery Saver 2x & Doctor


Phone you quickly run out of battery? You want to find a battery saving software helps best? Please use 2x Battery Saver & Battery Doctor app save battery # 1 on Android with the ability to battery saver and fast charging, automatic app killer and battery saver and battery saver 2x extra power.2x Battery Saver & Doctor will help your phone automatically optimizes settings to use to save battery power for android. With features: Clean memory, turn off the application, turn off the task, automatically turn off 3G, wifi when not in use ... will help save battery life over long-term use. Especially with the ability to track the battery-consuming task for the phone and will offer solutions adapted to increase the duration of use. And more advanced features quick battery charger for android.
Besides battery saving software 2x Battery Saver & Doctor also provides quick shortcuts to help open: Wifi, 3G, rotate the screen ... You can see the battery life longer usable for how long.
As battery saver and task killer for tablets and phones, is designed optimally used for both series. Please download the application to save battery for immediate use offline!
Software features of power saver battery app:
- Optimize your device with just one touch protect and save battery- Integrated 5-intensive features such as Memory Cleaner, Cleans junk, Kill Task, Control Function ...- Support for galaxy tab battery saver, saving the battery for samsung, for oppo save battery, battery saver for asus ...- A battery-saving software the best in 2016, battery doctor virus cleanup, battery doctor booster saver, battery saver that last 2 days.- Smart sleep mode saves the maximum battery when not in use- Management efficiency battery to varying degrees- Helps to save battery and fast charging, battery virus removal app, battery widget status bar.- 1tap hibernate battery saver, all in one cleaner battery saver- Battery saver without a charger, real super battery saver- Monitoring and remove the battery saving apps- Know the remaining time to use the application, task
Rating 5 * if you love apps best battery saver for android.